In collaboration with the Cultural and Educational Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Greece, the International Documentary Festival “Beyond Borders” that takes place in Castellorizo every year during the last week of August under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, travels to the House of Cyprus where it will screen some of its award-winning films. The events will take place at the House of Cyprus on Monday 18/2 at 19:00, Wednesday 20/2 at 19:00, Friday 22/2 at 19:00 and Sunday 24/2 at 18:00.

Entrance is free!

House of Cyprus: Xenophontos str. 2Α , 10557, Athens

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Monday, February 18 2019



Welcome Addresses

Kyriakos Kenevezos, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus

Irini Sarioglou, Art Director of “Beyond Borders”

3rd International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo. A short film, 20′

Music Break, 10′
Piano: Giorgos Konstadinidis

Born in Piraeus. He is a violinist and a writer of children’s books. Member of ERT Orchestra of Modern music. For the last 15years he adapts and orchestrates CDs from books as well as children’s theatrical performances taking place in “Agyra” bookstore.

LIVING WITH WALLS – Honorary Mention, “Beyond Borders” 2018
Sherif Fathy Salem | Παλαιστίνη

Fears, Hopes and Blues of Citizens forced to live with Walls of Separation.


Wednesday, February 20 2019

Agnes Sklavos, Stelios Tatakis |Greece, 50′

In June 1914 the Greek population along the coast of Asia Minor is forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge in Greece. The French archaeologist Felix Sartiaux was carrying out excavations in the area of Ancient Phocaea, the ancient metropolis of the city of Marseille. He not only witnessed the events that took place but, at risking his own life, managed to save many Greeks and help them escape. This first persecution of the Greeks from the coast of Asia Minor in 1914 fell into oblivion. Felix Sartiaux’s eye-witness account and his constant efforts to sensitize Europe, surfaced again in 2005 following the discovery of his photographic archive by the Art historian Haris Giakoumis in Paris.

Trailer :

Music break, 10′
Piano: Giorgos Konstadinidis

THE EXILED (A documentary by the Hellenic History Foundation)
Kalliopi Legaki

In November 1942 Turkey imposed a capital tax, known as Varlik Vergisi. This crippling tax was introduced by the Turkish government of the time (Inonu-Saracoglu), bringing severe discrimination against its non-Muslim citizens (Greek, Armenias and Jews).
All non – Muslims who could not pay this excessive tax were exiled to the interior of Turkey (Erzurum) where they were forced to work in labour battalions. This documentary, based on the diary of Konstandinos Kiourktsoglou, records – for the very first time – the actual circumstances of this unfortunate chapter in contemporary history.
1. Best Music Award at the 5th London Greek Film Festival – October 2012, London
2. Award from “ΑGWN”, International Film Festival in Athens – May 2010, Athens
3. Best Documentary at the Drama International Film Festival – September 2010, Drama

Friday, February 22 2019

The Legend of the Ugly King – Best History Documentary Award, “Beyond Borders” 2018
Hüseyin Tabak | Germany, Austria, 122′

They called him The Ugly King! A myth, a hero, a film legend. Who was Yilmaz Güney? A highly talented director? A revolutionary? A murderer? A genius or a lunatic? Young director Hüseyin Tabak is searching for answers by conducting research for a script about the Kurdish filmmaker from Turkey. Güney was sentenced to more than 100 years in prison. Mainly for political reasons but also for murdering a judge. He started making movies from jail. His most famous film YOL won the Palme d’Or in 1982. Tabak visits different countries where he meets with Güney’s family, his actors, prestigious filmmakers such as Michael Haneke and Costa Gavras, former inmates and people on the streets for whom Güney is still a hero. But the deeper Hüseyin digs, the more the legendary Ugly King appears human and vulnerable.

Trailer :


Sunday, February 24 2019


TRUE BLUE | “Beyond Borders” 2017
Haris Raftogiannis | Greece

At a country that collapses (Greece), an elderly Greek – American couple, Girly & Stamatis, is acting as teenagers, enjoying life at the Greek island of Ikaria, a place known for the reason that its people forget to die. But the sudden death of a friend of them, reminds them that the end is closer.

Music Break, 10′
Piano: Giorgos Konstadinidis

On the Edge of the Aegean, Castellorizo (A documentary by the Hellenic History Foundation)
Irini Sarioglou, Angelos Kovotsos | Greece, 2015-2016

A history documentary on Castellorizo island.
Best Creative Documentary at the 9th London Greek Film Festival – May 2016, London

Trailer :


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