Stand Up Comedy at Castellorizo

31 August 2018

George Hadjipavlou’s new performance, under the title “Almost forty”, will offer the inhabitants of Castellorizo and the island’s summer visitors an unforgettable night full of laughter, on Friday, 31 August.

George’s new performance is part of the parallel events of the Festival “Beyond Borders” 2018. It is analyzing every stage in a man’s life, his relation with the opposite sex, as well as the modern era altogether, including all the strange phenomena that we experience all around us.

The audience will see a flashback to every stage of a man’s life up to the age of 40, including among others:

– The mystery of “what happens after 40”.

– What a man realizes at puberty.

– The two basic axioms that a woman must know about men.

– The 43 axioms that a man must know about women.

– How will today’s 40 year olds be in their old age?

– How does the small barbarian inside all of us function?

– When does anyone really grow up? (Spoiler: never).

This is a performance that will (neither) teach (n)or trouble, giving everyone a good laugh instead!!!



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