Best History Documentary

Once more unto the breach-Italy 2019

Directing: Michele Manzolini


Best Socio-political Documentary

In my Blood it Runs-Australia 2019

Directing: Maya Newell


Best Short Documentary

Then comes the evening-Serbia 2019

Directing: Maja Novakovic


Best Greek Documentary a kind courtesy of Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki

Spiros and the Circle of Death-Greece-Belgium 2020

Directing: Dimitris Kafidas & Lino Kafidas


Special Award for Mediterranean Friendship, a kind courtesy of EKOME Media

Silent Fish- Greece 2020

Directing: Andreas Loukakos & Thodoris Chondrogiannos


Special Award of “Odyssey”, a kind courtesy of Greeks Abroad

Υ1 – Silence of the Deep-Greece 2019

Directing: Philippos Vardakas


“Special Mention” was awarded to the following documentaries:

  • The KioskFrance 2020

Directing: Alexandra Pianelli

  • The Abode. Who are we?-Russia 2019,

Directing: Eleonora Tukhareli

  • Yiorgos of Kedros-Greece 2020

Directing:Yiannis Kolozis & George kolozis


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