On August 29, 2019, the fourth day of the festival’s competition, Orchan Tekeoglou’s documentary “Time to leave” (Turkey, 52΄) was the first screening, after that a Q/A with the director of the documentary took place. Moreover, the next screenings were Pauline Fonsy’s “Our Territory”, “To the Living” (France, 28΄) by Mathieu Volpe, Fumiari Hyuga’s “Tokyo Kurds” (Japan, 21΄) and Anna Kryvenko’s “My Unknown Soldier” (Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia 79΄). Documentaries «Our Territory» and «Tokyo Kurds» are part of the Film Tribute “Minorities, Roma, Intercultural Education”.  Earlier, a treasure hunt was conducted by the National Observatory as an introduction to children in astronomy and space physics. Also featured was the performance “Barbagiorgos’ Wedding” from the Xanthi Shadow Theater “The Tales of Karagiozis”.


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