On the Fourth day of the 5th «Beyond Borders» International Documentary Festival of Castellorizo, the competition part of the event started with the screening of four films. Initially, the documentary «Cerro Quemando» by Argentine director Juan PabloRuiz was screened for the first time in Greece. Then, followed the documentary «Y1- Silence of the Deep» by Greek director Phillipos Vardakas, which was screened for the first time globally. After that, the audience enjoyed the documentary «Blessings and Vows» by the Greek director Katerina Zaharia. The fourth day of the festival closed with the greek premiere of «Vostok No 20» by the French director Elisabeth Silveiro. A pleasant break between the screenings of the competition part was the company of the World Music Ensemble with Dimitris Hatziplis and Vassilis Karamalis.

Panorama started with the Greek premiere of «7 Kybeles» by the Turkish director Orhan Tekeoglu, followed by the documentary «The Enigma of Keros» by the Greek director Costas Macheras, and closed with «This is London, 1993-2005: the Beginning and the End» by the Greek director Aris Fatouros.

The International Panel of Discussion «Whistleblowing», which took place with great success became the epicenter of the evening.

At the same time, our little friends watched «Karagkiozis on the island of the  Cyclops», which was held in Agios Georgios Square of the Well by the Shadow Theater of the excellent Alexandros Melissinos.

Early in the morning, free diving lessons were given to the children of Castellorizo by the instructor Roberto Calich and then, Regina Katsimardou and Panagiota Panariti from the National History Museum helped them create Karagkiozis figures using simple recyclable materials.


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