“Music and Musicians” Interactive Programme by George Konstantinidis.

Giorgos Konstantinidis

Born in Piraeus. He is a violinist and a writer of children’s books. Member of ERT Orchestra of Modern music.
In 2000 he created the Crescendo String Quartet, giving concerts in Greece and abroad, radio shows and recordings. He is the founder and conductor of: Children’s Orchestra “Greek World”, Children’s Choir in Thrakomakedones and Paiania Cultural Association, the school orchestra of Piraeus National Conservatory. For the last 15years he adapts and orchestrates CDs from books as well as children’s theatrical performances taking place in “Agyra” bookstore. His books: Sirefa and the lost musical notes, A city but which city, Once upon a time in Melodyland, The notebook of a UFO. Musical CDs: Musical Anthology of school holidays.



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