On the edge of the Aegean, Castellorizo, 1890-1948

kastelorizobookby Nicholas G. Pappas and Nicholas C. Bogiatzis

Publisher: Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME)

A photo album about the history of Castellorizo island. Descriptive narration through many photographs and comments of the turbulent history and rich culture of Castellorizo island, from 1890 to 1948.


toubalinby Vassia Hatziyannaki

Publisher: Minoas, illustration: Yorgos Sgouros

The story of “Toumbalin” is based on a true story that happened to my son Vangelis, a summer in Castellorizo. Vangelis until 8 was too much afraid of the water and could not enjoy swimming. One day, however, totally unexpected, he had to face the sea and live an adventure in the company of a caretta-caretta turtle. The story is about how a fear became stubbornness, how the contact with a turtle was treated, how liberation from fear became inspiration and gave birth to a fairy tale.


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