The 4th “Beyond Borders” International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo, which will take place from 25 August to 1 September on the edge of the Aegean Sea, is hosting a theatrical monologue entitled “Nostos: Ulysses’ return” with Ares Lempesopoulos directed by Thodoris Gkonis (Municipal Peripheral Theatre “DIPETHE” of Kavala).

The play, especially written for the 4th Castellorizo Festival will be in Castellorizo for one exclusive performance on Saturday 31 August at 23:15 at Santrapeia School.


Ulysses’ return

Monologue with Ares Lempesopoulos

Rhapsodies 5-13/Hardships before Ithaca 

Narration starts at the time when Athena is supporting the return of her suffering favorite, in the Gods’ council, while angry Poseidon is far away at the Ethiopians. We see Ulysses in the distant island of Calypso, crying and yearning for his return, denying divine citizenship and preferring his homeland and new hardships. Returning home. From now on, Ulysses’ return to Ithaca, is standing right in front of us so certain, as a distant mountain in the eyes of a hiker. But the road lies ahead full of difficulties. Ulysses must dive again into darkness, misery and humiliation, in order to rise later, step by step, until he is accepted by Phaeacians as human among humans. Ulysses is saying his name and narration begins…

“I am Ulysses, son of Laertes, known to the world

for every kind of craft-my fame has reached the skies”

Director: Thodoris Gkonis

Set/Lighting/Sound design: Andreas Georgiadis

Cast: Ares Lempesopoulos (Odysseus)

Thodoris Gkonis (Narrator)


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