Press Release 05.06

The 4th “Beyond Borders” International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo, which will take place from 25 August to September 1st 2019 on the idyllic island on the edge of the Aegean Sea, is hosting educational programmes for children and adults as part of its cultural side-events, in collaboration with Eugenides Foundation, the National Observatory and the National History Museum.

From 26/8 to 31/8, the children of Castellorizo will have the chance to learn the mechanics behind a real explosion, how to make their own soap and how to recycle paper all by themselves, courtesy of Eugenides Foundation. They will also observe the starry night-sky of Castellorizo and learn to recognize planetary bodies of our galaxy, with the help of experts from the National Observatory. Finally, in collaboration with the National History Museum they will learn more about the history of Castellorizo, and they will illustrate a fairytale!

The goal of these educational programmes is for the children of the island to familiarise themselves with basic principles of Physics and Chemistry through carefully designed interactive lessons, to learn more about the Universe, but also about the history of Castellorizo.

Participation in all educational programmes held by the 4th “Beyond Borders” International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo, is free

Organised by:
Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME) & Ecrans des Mondes (Paris)
Periphery of South Aegean, Restoration Committee of Megisti, Sydney
Under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of Megisti |

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