The 4th “Beyond Borders” International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo, which will take place from 25 August to September 1st 2019 on the idyllic island on the edge of the Aegean Sea, is hosting cultural events and educational programmes, such as the two plays “Three Pieces of Good Advice” and “Barbagiorgos’ Wedding” by the Xanthi Shadow Theatre. The experienced puppeteers will offer whimsical and entertaining experiences to our little friends, while the Aesop’s Fables and folk tales, narrated by charismatic storyteller Dimitris Avouris, will be a journey all around Greece!

This year, the children of Castellorizo will have the chance to be taught Homer’s The Odyssey through the interactive creative lessons with experienced theatrologist Sousana Kardoulia.

Finally, award-winning diving instructor Roberto Calich will undertake giving swimming lessons to the children.

Attendance in all educational and cultural events held by the 4th “Beyond Borders” International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo, is free.

Organised by:
Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME) & Ecrans des Mondes (Paris)
Periphery of South Aegean, Restoration Committee of Megisti, Sydney
Under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of Megisti |

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