The 4th International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo is hosting educational programmes in collaboration with the National History Museum (collaborators: Regina Katsimardou, Panagiota Panariti, narration: Dimitris Avouris):


“Memories from Castellorizo” programme
Monday 26 August 10:00-12:00 | Drasi Organisation, Castellorizo

Let’s learn about Castellorizo throughout history and today. We will bring material from the collections of the National Historical Museum related to Castelorrizo ​​and talk about the history of the island. But no one knows Castellorizo ​​better than you: bring your own material (e.g. old photos) from the island and tell us all about it.

Workshop: We make a notebook and decorate it. We make and decorate bookmarks, magnets, pop-up cards.


“Once Upon a Time” programme
Tuesday 17 August 10:00-12:00 | Drasi Organisation Castellorizo

Stories from Kastelorizo. Narrator Dimitris Avouris will tell us an old fairytale from Castellorizo. Have you heard it before?

Workshop: We practice various techniques of fairytale illustration (painting, collage, pop-up). Maybe we will publish it, who knows?


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