I-SEA| Underwater Cleaning & Educational Activities

The Environmental Organization iSea was founded in 2016 with headquarters in Thessaloniki with the aim of protecting aquatic ecosystems. It is made up of a group of young scientists with experience in research and the protection of marine ecosystems, and its main objectives are vigilance through information about contemporary environmental problems and good practices to deal with them, the adoption of measures and good policies for environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development. It operates in 4 main areas: 1. Vulnerable species, 2. Citizen science, 3. Human relationship with aquatic ecosystems and 4. Aquatic waste. To achieve its goals, iSea utilizes different tools, such as scientific research and environmental education and awareness of different target groups. Implementation of underwater cleaning!

Implementation of underwater cleaning

The iSea diving team will remove the debris from the seabed and volunteers from the shore will participate in the recovery, removal and recording of the debris according to the protocol of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

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