“Sculpting the Land” by Alexandros Zygouris

 Atelier Zygouris

Alexandros Zygouris is a sculptor who has been living in Kastellorizo for the last 35 years. For him, sculpture is subtracting the unnecessary in order to unravel the essence. He was born and lives among those steep rocks that have seen and experienced great changes. Furthermore, his admiration and awe for the work of our ancestors who lived and created on this island before him, has provided him with the faith and strength to express himself on the material that surrounds him. “Their challenging quietness, the power to discuss with them and penetrate them, to experience their vitality, is my revelation”, he points out. Alexandros works only with hand tools: hammer, drill and chisel. In this way, he sees and hears clearly the sound of the rock. His lifestyle is interwoven with the art he serves. Frugal and austere, always barefoot, he walks this rocky island from one end to the other, sculpting the landscape around him, giving substance to man’s relentless struggle to tame and give shape to matter.

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