The Asia Minor Question Through The Eyes of Foreigners

Port – By Memorial Statue

In this book, which was published at the initiative and recommendation of the professor Matteo Campagnolo at the University of Geneva, prominent historians participate, who testify their contribution by shedding light on unknown aspects of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, with the focus and interest being placed on the recruitment and the role played by the Western European Forces in the outcome and the result which led to the horrible tragedy of 1922.

With a purely academic character and a research approach, this collective volume seeks to question and deepen our historical knowledge of the darkest page in modern Greek history, while keeping the necessary and sober distance from anachronisms and fanatical distortions of History.

Editors: Matteo Campagnolo, Nikos Nikoloudis, Irini Sarioglou

Publications: Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME)

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