George Seferis on a pilgrimage to the Doric Fountain

by George Tzedakis & Dimitris Kokinos , Greece

George Seferis, the poet, visits for only a day the island of Rhodes in the summer of 1971, a few months before he passes away. During his short visit there, he will be guided by his dear friend, the prose writer Nikos Kasdaglis, to an archeological monument of exceptional beauty, that of the Doric Fountain of Filerimos. This short film attempts to render the ultimate gaze of the poet, in his quest, at the ancient Greek glory. A gaze that prompts us to reflect on our connection with the burden of the cultural heritage we bear and the luscious beauty of the nature that surrounds us on this inward land we are destined to live. Thus, we might also be able to ponder over “the ancient monuments and the distress of our time”.

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