Kε•ha•jas – Man of the Land

by Georgios Komakis , Greece, 2021, 63’

 “Kε•ha•’jas – Man of the Land” is an ethnographic documentary filmed in Lemnos, the most flat of the Aegean islands. According to an oral tradition of his place of birth, Kε•ha•’jas – a term associated with Lemnian farmers, was interpreted in various words but still remains largely misunderstood. Through the narrations of members of Kε•ha•’jas family and their living experience, the documentary covers an existing gap in collective memory and local history on the existence of the group itself. Memories, oblivions, silence and identities help illuminate the rural, economic and social history of the island, mostly on a predominantly evolutionary basis. The history of the Kε•ha•’jas group is nothing more than a story experienced on the baseline, by subjects previously denied the right to official or written history as well as the institutional memory of Lemnos.

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