Kalavryta – People and Shadows

by Elias Giannakakis , Greece

Kalavryta. December 1943. Τhe entire male population over the age of 14 executed; every house in town torched down. In retribution, said the Germans, for the killing of 80 Wehrmacht soldiers by partisans. Only mothers were left behind. And their small children. In a wasteland. Enduring a living death, the mothers raised their children. Children who are now senior citizens. It’s not only the memory of blood and ruin that haunts them. It’s the questions that cast a heavy shadow upon them. Would the slaughter have been avoided, if the partisans had not killed the Germans? What does the word ‘retribution’ mean? Or the word ‘destolation’? Why us?
Τhe film is a collective portrait of the survivors, struggling for the last 70 years to figure out who they really are and what has happened to them.

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