Next Stop: Utopia

by Apostolos Karakasis , Greece

When the Greek factory of closes down, a group of workers decides to take radical action. They occupy the factory and attempt to operate it themselves, based on the principles of direct democracy. Their venture inspires activists all around the world, while the ex-owner is astonished to see her family’s business turn into a symbol for the up-andcoming radical left. For the workers, striving to make ends meet, self-management turns out to be an unprecedented adventure, full of conflicts. They have to confront the law that is obviously against them, as well as various political leaders that offer vague promises. They have to deal with their own lack of know how concerning product development, distribution and management, while learning to take decisions democratically in the general assembly, where everyone is equal and fights are inevitable. Soon they realise that in order to succeed, the first thing they have to change is themselves… The chronicle of a small revolution is told by balancing conflicting points of view, dramatic moments with comedy, political conflicts with deeply personal agonies, in a microcosm that mirrors Greek society at the times of economic crisis.

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