The Second Chance

by Menelaos Karamaggiolis , Greece 2018 , 62’2018 , 62'

…You go out in the yard. On a bench, you find some prisoners talking about how they will break the law without getting caught. On other benches, prisoners talk about drugs and Kalashnikovs. And suddenly, you see a big Lithuanian guy with some other inmates of the same proportions playing chess…
These are the words of a music teacher that is currently incarcerated in the Special Youth Detention Center in Avlona, Greece.
Is there ever a second chance in real life? A young man from Lithuania finds himself imprisoned in a youth detention center in a foreign country where he doesn’t even speak the language. He can either stay in his cell and give up everything or find a way to redefine his life. He may even try to learn Greek in the prison’s school, discover his hidden talents and study at the Technical University one day. Will he succeed?
For three years, he strives to fulfill these seemingly unattainable goals as the camera records his anguish to start his life from scratch.

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