Tokei Maru

by Zachos Samoladas , Greece 2018 , 15’

Tokei Maru is an animated short based on an extraordinary human in history. A story that sounds like an old myth, a Japanese captain that places human life above all else. He was the captain of the Japanese cargo ship Tokei or Tokai Maru and he was a man who took a great risk in order to save more than 800 people during the devastating fire that destroyed the Greek and Armenian quarters of the city of Smyrna, present-day Izmir, on the coast of Asia Minor in September of 1922. The Turkish army, who had gained control of the city a couple of days before the devastation started, tried to stop him. Bravely, the Captain defied them, threw his cargo in the sea, and continued the rescue mission that made him a legend.

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