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In the sky of nothingness with the least

by Christos Andrianopoulos, Greece, 2023, 71'

“In the Sky of Nothingness with the Least” follows the lives of Nota and Elias, an elderly couple who have lived in different worlds under the same roof for 43 years.

When the pandemic forces them to stay indoors, their daily routines become repetitive and mundane. The film strips away the idealised view of a perfect, eternal love and instead focuses on the realities of ageing and the gradual decline of their bodies and minds. The title “In the sky of nothingness with the least” reflects a sense of emptiness and acceptance of the bare minimum. It serves as a reminder to cherish our memories and experiences while we still can, and to face the future with humility.

Overall, In the Sky of Nothingness with the Least is a poignant depiction of the challenges of ageing and the importance of coming to terms with its realities.

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