Main Competition

May 1st 2021

by Luis Cuenca Castro , Spain, China, 2022 20'

World Premier

It’s a story of a Chinese working-class family told in a day. On 2021 May 1st Mr. Wang wakes up before 7 am and is ready to start his work like any regular day. Mr. Wang and his wife have been working in Beijing’s recycling business for the past thirty years and their two sons started joining them three years ago. Each of them have their role within the system of recycling work. The whole family fought around the clocks to make it for the deadline to bring a truck full of recyclables to the collection center at midnight. The next day, the same work and schedule is repeated and they work from the start till the end of the day. Working-class people’s action is all year around none stop but always keep an optimistic and open-mindedness, is not about income but responsibility. Through our eyes on their daily lives, we see the way of life of the Chinese of the working class but also their action with which they pay homage to life.

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