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Roofless Dreams

by Sotiris Danezis, Greece, 2022, 83'

They had jobs, a family, and a home – that is until life happened. The documentary by Sotiris Danezis follows for 13 months five people, living under the threat of homelessness, in the streets of Athens, and focuses on the efforts of NGO Emfasis to support them. Abuse in the family, incarceration, losing a loved one, their struggles mirror some of ours; so do their dreams. “Roofless Dreams” focuses on those we rush past, on people who once had a job, a home, a family, friends and one day they lost everything. The documentary by Sotiris Danezis, realized with the support of the “TIMA” Public Benefit Foundation, records for thirteen months the stories of five protagonists of survival, who live on the street or under the threat of homelessness and focuses on the efforts of the NPO Emfasis to support them under unfavorable conditions. Abuse, prison, loss of loved ones… Many of their battles are like ours; so are their dreams.

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