Main Competition

Searching for Rodakis

by Kerem Soyyilmaz, Turkey, 2023, 57'

Chrysoula, who died in 1887 at the age of 17, was buried under the floor of her family’s house in a small village 100 kilometres from Istanbul. Thirty-seven years later, due to a population exchange, Chrysoula’s family had to leave her buried under the floor when they were deported to northern Greece. A hundred years later, while renovating the floor of this old house, the family of a filmmaker living there discovered Chrysoula’s tombstone. This film, directed by Kerem Soyyılmaz, is a story about the discovery of the tombstone in 2016, the investigation into the family that owned it, and the search that ended in Thessaloniki in 2022, told through the experiences of the director and his family.

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