Main Competition

Uncanny Me

by Katharina Pethke, Germany, 2022, 45'

Greek Premiere

Lale gets cloned virtually! Now that our reality mainly takes place on the screen anyway, she sees a realistic chance to make her digital twin work for her.

The real Lale could do something different, could finally take a break from optimizing her self: More and more often she asks herself the question, who or what she would be if she would just stop working so hard.

To find out, Lale has her friend Vinzent duplicate her body and mimics in 3D. The result is a digital Lale who laughs, looks, walks and talks like the real Lale. The only difference is that this other Lale doesn’t grow older, works endlessly and is never hungry.

In contrast, Lale shows an unembellished, moving video diary of her life her life between high rise and fall – while little by little, the science-fiction-like creation of the second Lale emerges in clearly composed images: from being photogrammetrically measured to the reconstruction of skin pores and hair structure.

Gradually, the lines between the physical and the virtual world become blurred. One can no longer trust the eye: who is the real Lale, who is the avatar? And: Does it really bring the long-awaited freedom for Lale in real life?

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