Australian Wars, ep.1

by Rachel Perkins, Australia, 2022, 57’ Greek Premiere

There are more than ten thousand monuments across the country that honour the war dead. But what about the bloody battles fought on our own soil, in our longest war, which established the Australian nation? In this groundbreaking three-part documentary series, filmmaker Rachel Perkins travels across the country to give voice to the story of The Australian Wars. And once given voice, it will change the narrative of Australian nation!

Episode 1

The modern-day city of Sydney was the birthplace of contemporary Australia and the first battleground in The Australian Wars. Given the absence of a treaty, the relationship between the European occupying forces and the land’s First Nations people was predetermined to be violent. Despite the best efforts of the first governor to foster peace, he resorted to violence when confronted with the first named resistance leader Pemulwuy.

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