Death Of A Pharaoh Anwar al Sadat And The Holy Warriors

by Wilfried Huismann, Germany, 1951, 52’

Anwar al Sadat, successor of Nasser and President of Egypt, was the first Arab leader to try and break the wall of enmity between two peoples who laid claim to the same land.He was the first Arab leader to set foot on Israel’s soil. He made an historic speech inIsrael’s parliament, the Knesset, and offered peace to the Arab’s long-standing enemy.

But fundamentalist Lt. Khaled Islambouli and his fellow conspirators of the revolutionary Islamic brotherhood ‘Gamat Islamaya’ saw him as a traitor. He became their target as they carried the Koran along with their automatic weapons, and set out to murder him during a military parade on the morning of October 6th 1981.

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