Meeting Zelenskyy

by André Singer, UK, Canada, Ukraine, USA, 2024, 90’

Until 2019, he was an entertainment super-star and mega successful businessman. Then in a remarkable move, Volodymyr Zelenskyy turned his attention to politics at a time when corruption and economic struggle at home were rife, and the shadow of a sword-rattling neighbour was falling increasingly heavily over Eastern Ukraine. Following a landslide election victory, he found himself Ukraine’s President, and soon after that the Russian threat exploded into a full-scale invasion. Putin expected a quick and easy victory but he miscalculated – the comedy President turned out to be a skilled and determined adversary. Suddenly, the world wanted to know more about this enigmatic man. This film answers those questions – unearthing his story from childhood under USSR domination to the heady days of show business stardom, always surrounded and supported by devoted friends, family and colleagues. Through an extended and personal in-depth interview with actor-filmmaker Liev Schreiber, we gain new insights into one of the most extraordinary characters of our age.

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