The Return

by Nikos Karakostas, Greece, 2023, 46’

Being away for many years, an islander longs to visit his native land again. He wishes to see once more the houses that tremble upon the water. He wants to meet again with his old companions. He seeks to find-out the fate of two fishermen, his friends, who were lost in the Turkish waters. The Return is a surprise for him. He notices the changes and the embellishment of Kastellorizo, comparing it with a landscape or ruins that he had left behind years ago. At the same time his mind makes him revive the destruction and the drama that his island has suffered during the Second World War.  He feels the traces of the past calamity still emerging, behind the freshly painted façade of the houses. He looks out for his friends. Most of them no longer live on the island. He gathers information for the two missing fishermen. His two friends, feeling the extreme danger, since they are wanted by the Turkish authorities, manage to escape despite being surrounded by boats full of Turkish soldiers. Swimming all night, naked in the cold Lycian sea, they eventually arrive safely at the island of Kastellorizo.          

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