Unforgettable Homeland, Asia Minor

by Irini Sarioglou, Greece, 2023, 40'

World Premiere

Vasiliki Ralli narrates the tragic story of her family … in September 1922 she was forced to leave her homeland, Moschonisi in Asia Minor, and after going through the grief of loss and the mourning of the Catastrophe, she devoted herself with creative impetus to the building of a new life on the opposite shore.

Vasiliki Ralli proclaims her origin on every small or big occasion of her life: “What if I was born in Thermi of Lesvos? I’m from Asia Minor, too. I am the seed that was conceived in the sanctified soil of the Land of Promise, watered with the sweat and blood of the Greeks, sown with the holy bones of thousands of martyrs, which were deposited in the holy Land, as a legacy of its Greekness”.

The testimony of Vasiliki Ralli starts from Moschonisi and Ayvali and embraces all of Hellenism. Especially today, more than ever, the value of such testimonies is priceless, because they feed our souls with faith and struggle.

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