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Born in Chania, Crete, 1954. He is a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens. He studied film at the Hadjikou Film School (Athens) and he continued his studies in anthropological documentary filmmaking at the VARAN School (Paris). He lives and works in Athens. He has been the creator of many films, such as The inside light, Distinction (9th Greek Documentary Festival Halkida & 2nd Ierapetra International Documentary Festival 2015) Olympia, Audience Award (17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015), Short Stories Roma (2014) and many others.



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Kalliopi Legaki is an acclaimed filmmaker who has been directing documentary films for years and has won many awards both in Greece and abroad such as the documentary Psy (Honorable Mention in Chalkida Film Festival 2015), the documentary Time for Heroes (3rd Award in Chalkida Film Festival 2014 ) co-director with A. Kovotsos, Only the words continue (FIPRESCI Award in Thessaloniki Film Festival 2011), the history documentary The Exiled (1st Award in Drama Short Film Festival 2009), Elias Petropoulos – An Underground World (FIPRESCI Award in Thessaloniki Film Festival 2005) and many others.



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Journalist and filmmaker with a long and eventful journey into newspapers, radio, television and websites. He was Director of ERT World (2011-2013), presenter emissions (from 1989) to political and social issues (the last to black ERT was “Theme night”) and a member of Executive Committee of the International Federation of Journalists (2004-2010). Has interviewed personalities of the international political scene, they left their mark in history, like Arafat, Zhivkov, Demirel, d’Estaing, Gul Napolitano, Cholmpourk, Isabel Allende and others. He has conducted missions in more than 60 countries and has given interviews and reviews in international networks CNN, CNN TURK, RAI, AL JAZEERA etc. Since 2014 vice Technopolis City of Athens and from 2016 Board member the Greek Documentary Union. He has received many awards and distinctions, such as: nominated for the Freedom Award of the press in Spain 2013, candidate with the movie-documentary “Dying for the Truth” for the documentary prize of Greek Film Academy in 2012, Foundation Cutuli prize (Italy 2012) and many others.

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