Kalliopi Legaki

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She is an acclaimed filmmaker who has been directing documentary films for years and has won many awards both in Greece and abroad such as the documentary “Psy” (Honorable Mention in Chalkida Film Festival 2015), the documentary “Time for Heroes” (3rd Award in Chalkida Film Festival 2014) co-director with A. Kovotsos, “Only the words continue” (FIPRESCI Award in Thessaloniki Film Festival 2011), the history documentary “The Exiled” (1st Award in Drama Short Film Festival 2009), “Elias Petropoulos – An Underground World” (FIPRESCI Award in Thessaloniki Film Festival 2005) and many others.

Beyond Borders
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Tel: 210 66 69 140 & 210 66 69 131.
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Beyond Borders is organized by the Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME).

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