Michel Noll

Michel NollArtistic Advisor and Director of International Development

Born in Germany, Michel lives in France since more than 40 years. After completing his studies in Economics and Sociology at Cologne University, he became a Producer/Director of television programs. In 1977, he joined TELECIP in Paris, then the leading French independent production company. In 1982, he launched REVCOM TELEVISION, the television arm of French Publishing Group ‘Editions Mondiales’ which quickly became one of the most successful production companies, with subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom and Australia. In 1987 he launched his own production house QUARTIER LATIN. In 1995, he acquired ICTV a documentary distribution company representing small French and international producers. So far, he has directed and/or produced close to 200 films. In recent years, he launched the non-for-profit association ECRANS DES MONDES, organizing and/or supporting several significant documentary festivals across Europe

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