The Anonymus Shoal

The Anonymus Shoal / Croatia, 2020, 19’ Directed by: Branko Istancic / Greek Premier

A shoal of fish moves based on three principles: the fish swim next to one another, always try to close ranks, careful not to bump into one another. But if there is a disturbance in the shoal, the rules break down and the shoal disperses. By filming Dubrovnik during a day in August, from morning till night, the people that walk its streets, amidst the harmony and the contradictions of the city, become an aquarium of sorts recorded by the camera’s eye. The movements of the people and the fish overlap, while their similarities and differences are discussed by ichthyologist Dr. Niksa Glavic, in charge of the fish at the City Aquarium, and Vedrana Divic, a woman who cleans the fish at the Gruz market every morning.

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