4th Kastellorizo Festival: These films will take part in the competition program!

4th Kastellorizo Festival: These films will take part in the competition program!




the Kastellorizo Festival will screen at the beginning the documentary "The East edyse" directed and screenplay by Alexander Papaeliou and production of Greek Foundation for Historical Studies. Based on the responses and the archival material of exceptional historical importance of the journalist Costas Misailidis for the Asia Minor Campaign (1919-1922), the human drama emerges. The film participated in the official program of the 21 th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.


The competition part of the Festival hosts a total of 26 films from 18 countries with a wide range of intercultural themes.

The competing films are as follows:


The Second Opportunity, 62΄

Greece 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Menelaos Karamaggiolis

This is a series of 12 documentaries by Menelaos Karamaggiolis, starring heroes of a dark and difficult everyday life, without any perspective or hope. Young unemployed scientists, homeless people, juvenile prisoners, persecuted refugees, Greek immigrants in Germany, but who manage to manage the impasses of the crisis and finally find the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope and optimism ultimately triumph through their inspiring personal story.

February 27 th , 42΄ (Panhellenic Premiere)

Direction-Screenplay: Marie-Thérèse Jakoubek

For 42 years, the Saharawi community has been living in camps in the Algerian desert due to the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco. The film deals with the daily lives of the inhabitants of the camps, which were built by women while men were at war. A temporary solution that eventually evolved against their will in their permanent home, while they always live in conditions of resistance and battle.

The Silence of Others, 96

Spain USA , 2018

Direction Screenplay : Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar

Elderly Maria Martίn lost her mother when she was assassinated by the Franco regime, one of the 100,000 Spaniards lying in mass graves. Now, a lifetime later, Maria, along with many other Spaniards, is seeking justice for Franco's victims, but Spanish law acts as a brake on this process. Directors Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar, produced by Pedro Almodovar, try to give voice to the demands of their fellow citizens.

The Olden Heralds, 23

Cuba , 2018

Direction Screenplay : Luis Alejandro Yero

Tatá and Esperanza are witnessing the election of the new Cuban president, who for the first time in 50 years does not have the surname "Castro". As they approach their nineties, they silently observe another circle closing, like beacons of another era.

A forgotten past, 45΄

Greece, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Andreas Hadjipateras

Solomon Jackson-Smith, son of the president of Sierra Leone, is an employee of a grocery store in New York and a political refugee. The Forgotten Past tells the story of how Solomon and his family were found by the West African ruling class in a life of utter anonymity in the United States.

Nowhere , 13΄

Spain, 2017

Direction-Screenplay: Bernat Sampol

In 1968, Julio Villar embarked on a journey on a small boat, which would last 4 years. He recorded his experiences in a diary and made a book entitled "Notebook of a lone explorer". Inspired by this diary, surfer Kepa Acero embarks on a journey in search of a "solitary wave". Along the way he will leave behind his fear of the unknown and social norms, in order to harmonize with the wild environment and the inhabitants of a distant island. "Nowhere" explores the soul of the traveler through the writings of Julio Vilar and the experiences of Kepa Acero.

Tokei Maru, 16΄

Greece, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Zachos Samoladas

The short animation-tribute to the master of the Japanese merchant ship Tokei Maru that saved the lives of 825 people, unites history with fiction, Greece and Japan. In essence, it pays homage to the man who, in passing codes and the absurdity of violence, faced with the fire, apathy of the West and the terror of the innocent, committed a unique act of heroism.

My Identity, 11

USA , 2018

Direction Screenplay : Yasmin Mistry

Aslew, an American of Caucasian descent, changes her faith in an attempt to find her own salvation. However, her decision may affect her relationship with the only member of her family. The documentary entitled "My Identity" refers to the importance of origin, religion, cultural heritage in shaping our identity.

Deep Roots, 15΄

France, 2019

Direction-Screenplay: Luc Gonodou Dossou

This film deals with the cockfights of Thailand, the Philippines and Guadeloupe - a "sport" so prosperous and popular in these countries that it almost runs through the veins of the locals. They watch it fanatically and even bet, but at the same time it seems to be a tradition doomed to disappear. What inspires such passion for cockfighting in these peoples?

In Mansourah, you separated us, 70

France , 2018

Direction Screenplay : Dorothée Myriam Kellou

During the Algerian war, 2.350 million people were displaced by the French army in the fight against the FLN. Forced to leave their homes, they gathered in camps. Back in Mansourah, his hometown, Malek and his daughter Dorothée-Myriam collect a historical memory unknown to this day that most young people are unaware of.


A Life, 80΄

Greece, 2019

Direction-Screenplay: Dinos Giotis

The documentary unfolds the life of a child along with the journey of a small wooden boat. From the sources of a river to its estuary to the sea, in correspondence with the course of man from birth to death. At the same time, sixteen great Greeks, on the verge of their lives, talk about the experience and knowledge they have gained and leave it as an apocalyptic legacy to future generations. The external shooting of the documentary took place in Epirus and more specifically in Tzoumerka, Vovousa, Souli, Kopraina, Arachthos, Kalamas, Acheron, Preveza, Amvrakikos and the Ionian.

The Greek of the Russian Empire, 73

Russia, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Svetlana Muzychenko

A dramatized documentary about the life and works of the first Governor of the newly formed Greek state, the eminent diplomat and politician Ioannis Kapodistrias. On the screen unfolds the turbulent life of a great visionary, who had all the elements of an ancient Greek tragedy: love and betrayal, intrigue and high ideals. An endoscopic look at the invisible aspects of a charismatic leader, whose assassination indelibly marked the course of Greece.

Children Below Deck, 90

Austria , 2018

Direction Screenplay : Bettina Henkel

The film tells the story of three generations: the (deceased) grandmother, the father and the daughter, who directs. The central theme is the transfer of traumatic experience from generation to generation, and demonstrates the obvious impact that the historical changes of Northeastern Europe have had on the psyche of the protagonists.

Time to Leave , 51΄

Turkey, 2019

Direction-Screenplay: Orhan Tekeo ğ lu

After working in Germany for many years, 80-year-old Hassan returns to Turkey to live in his wooden house on the mountain. His son, Erdogan, works in Germany but suffers from a serious illness. His last wish is to live a few days in the wooden house and to be put to sleep by the sound of the wind blowing. Although he has neglected his son in the past, Hassan rushes to work to prepare his own room, fighting against time. He completes his preparations and waits for the arrival of his son…

Living the To, 28 ( Nationwide Premiere )

France, 2019

Direction-Screenplay: Pauline Fonsny

In 1998, Semira Adamu, a 20-year-old so-called "illegal" immigrant from Nigeria living in Belgium, was strangled by a police pillow in an attempt to deport her. 20 years later, two women tell their story as a common "war chant". Through their stories, the conditions prevailing in the immigration detention centers where people live as prisoners, suffer and are abused by guards and police are erased.


Our Territory , 22΄ (Panhellenic Premiere)

Belgium, Italy, 2019

Direction-Screenplay: Mathieu Volpe

"When I got to Rignano, the Ghetto residents told me, 'You must not keep the slightest trace of our lives here in this dangerous place. Our despair does not belong to you to show it '. The misery in the Ghetto was the first thing that shocked me, the first thing I wanted to show "- Mathieu Volpe


Tokyo Kurds, 20΄ (Panhellenic Premiere)

Japan, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Fumiari Hyuga

Ozan's family left Turkey when he was just 6 years old, hoping to find a better life in Tokyo. Ozan is now a young man, but he feels isolated and desperate. Although he is like an intruder in the only country he has really met, he tries to find a job in the entertainment industry, hoping to leave his "mark" on the world.

Hugo Blanco, Deep River, 108

Peru Austria , 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Malena Martίnez Cabrera

Half a century ago, under the slogan "Earth or Death", Peru revolted against social and economic oppression. The film depicts the two-dimensional portrait of Hugo Blanco, the so-called "Peruvian Che Guevara", a legendary Trotskyist rebel and famous peasant leader in the 1960s, who chose anonymity and the pseudonym Hugo Indio in order to adopt a policy of autonomy and self-government.

Roots, 28΄

Greece, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Eliza Soroga & Aigli Drakou

A timeless approach to the metaphysics of female existence, emerging through the wilderness of the wild landscape. The documentary presents the daily life of elderly women living in the remote villages of Epirus. Women, having a peculiar relationship with time, tell internal dialogues and stories from the past, heartfelt verses and songs they loved. They are the last living carriers of memory of these places.


My Unknown Soldier , 79΄

Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Anna Kryvenko

Ukrainian director Anna Kryvenko attempts through My Unknown Soldier to give her own account of the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, an event that stigmatized her own family, as her uncle himself served in the occupation forces and committed suicide when he returned from Czechoslovakia. Its Ukrainian origins as well as its archival material allow it to show how the occupation of Czechoslovakia and the events of 1968 affected both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as Ukraine and Russia.

Of Stone Heart, 90 ( Nationwide Premier )

France , 2018

Direction Screenplay : Claire Billet, Olivier Jobard

Ghorban arrived in France in 2010, alone, at the age of 12. He had traveled 12,000 km from Afghanistan, experiencing the terror and dangers of illegal immigration. He was taken in by childcare services and his social workers sent him to a psychologist. He had to tame the nightmares caused by abandonment and poverty, but also to face the problems of adolescence. The creators followed his search for a new life for eight years, until he came of age.

Seydouba, 13΄ (Panhellenic Premiere)

France, 2019

Direction-Screenplay: Nathalie Blomme

Nowadays, Seydouba and many young foreigners living in France are forced into illegality, as they are unable to provide the "necessary documents".

A simple life, 17΄

Greece, Germany, USA, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Myrto Papadogeorgou & Robert Harding Pittman

Yula lives a simple life in her olive grove, on the Greek coast. When a golf resort for wealthy foreigners threatens to change her whole world, she resists. In times of economic crisis the pressure for growth is high. All Yula wants is a simple life.

I Itsai Romni (The Girl Girl), 53΄

Greece, 2017-2018

Direction-Screenplay: Evangelia Goula

A film that deals with the institution of marriage in the Roma tribe. More specifically, the film refers to the position of the woman, her way of life, the way she perceives her position in the community, as well as how she is socially determined through marriage. The film is based on the personal testimonies of Roma women and men. Despite the great importance of marriage, Roma parents today, regardless of gender, have a positive attitude towards the school institution. But what happens when the girl turns thirteen?

Hamada, 88΄

Sweden, Norway, Germany, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Eloy Dominguez Serén

HAMADA follows the lives of a young group of friends living in a refugee camp in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Their community was expelled forty years ago from Western Sahara, and Sidahmed, Zaara and Taher are trapped between life and death. However, reality does not pay them; they have humor and liveliness and spend their time repairing cars with which they can go nowhere and fighting for political change without response.

Fatherland (Greek Premiere)

France 2019, 90

Direction - Script: Maxime Caperan, Éva Sehet

In Uwea, New Caledonia, Macky and his family commemorate, as every year, the tragic events of 1988 that deeply shook the island. Day by day, in a universal act of remembrance, everyone testifies to the violence inflicted on their tribe during the occupation by the French army. Their tribe does not want to hear anything about the state and the army again. All they want is the independence of the Kanak people. However, this year, thirty years later, the French President decided to visit the island.



The special screenings that will be hosted at the Festival, of which 2 have been screened at the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, are the following:


Hidden landscapes of Naxos, 36΄

Greece, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Vasia Hatzigiannaki

In the interior of the islands, behind the view of the sea and the beach, are hidden landscapes organized by nature and sculpted by people for hundreds of years. Landscapes, monuments of the activity of the societies that passed through there and that if you ask them, they will tell you their history. The webdoc in collaboration between McCord Center - Newcastle University and ERT explores some of these hidden landscapes of the largest island of the Cyclades, through archives, monuments and stories of people who live and work there.

Afar, 15΄

Italy, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Tommaso Montaldo

The Afar region in Ethiopia is considered to be the place where humanity was born millions of years ago. Today, due to climate change, Afar is one of the most inhospitable areas of the world. Through the members of the humanitarian NGO LVIA we discover the Afar region and the local population. The documentary highlights the importance of humanitarian work and the opportunity it gives indigenous peoples to stay in their homeland.

Maria Polydouri in Paris during the interwar period, 62 ΄

Greece, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Costas Dantinakis

Regional Screenings of the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

The unconventional poet Maria Polydouri (1902-1930) escaped from the small-minded society of Athens in 1926 and took refuge in Paris to meet her Fate. The timeline of a search.

The mechanism of Antikythera - Narratives, 78΄

Greece, 2018

Direction-Screenplay: Nikos Papakostas

Regional Screenings of the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

The documentary shows the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient computer 2 nd p. X. Century, which is the most important archaeological find of all time and proves that the ancient Greeks had developed advanced technology, based on Pythagorean philosophy and Greek science, 2500 years ago.

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