Beyond Borders ": a Festival of cinema and culture for the 4th consecutive year on the remote island

Beyond Borders ": a Festival of cinema and culture for the 4th consecutive year on the remote island

The 4th International Documentary Festival of Kastellorizo ​​"Beyond Borders" is coming for another year with the aim of "bringing the world to Kastellorizo ​​and taking Kastellorizo ​​to the world!". From the 25th of August until the 1st of September, Beyond the Borders will be a meeting place for leading creators of historical and socio-political documentaries, but also for representatives of letters and arts from Greece and the world. The competition program includes 25 foreign and Greek documentaries of high artistic value such as: "The Greek of the Russian Empire" (Russia), HAMADA (Sweden, Norway, Germany), "Our Territory" (Belgium, Italy), "Time to Leave" (Turkey), “To the Living” “Fatherland” “Deep Roots” (France), “Hugo Blanco: Deep River” (Peru), “The Silence of Others”, “Nowhere” (Spain) “The Olden Heralds” (Cuba), "Children Below Deck" (Austria), "Roots", "The Forgotten Past", "Tokei Maru", "The Second Chance", "I Itsai Romni", "A Life" (Greece) and others. The works will compete for the award for Best Historical Documentary and Best Social Documentary, as well as for the Special Prize for Mediterranean Friendship with the support of EKOME. The Honored Academic Institution is the University of York, while the Honored Media is BBC4.

"Beyond the Borders" is framed again this year by a variety of cultural events for young and old. Those who are on the island in those days will have the opportunity to visit the photo exhibition for ANZAC (courtesy of the Embassy of Australia), to watch the play "Nostos, The Return of Odysseus" by Theodore Gonis (DI.PE.THE Kavala), but also to enjoy unique music concerts by Babis Tsertos (tribute to George Kavouras) and the Music School of Pallini (tribute to Asia Minor music). An International Panel on Civil Disobedience will also take place, with the participation of distinguished academics and journalists. The Festival will also be attended by Professor Sam Turner and researcher Stelios Lekakis from the University of Newcastle. The photographic coverage of the Festival has been undertaken by the distinguished photographer Christos Simatos, a graduate of the School of Fine Arts.

Beyond Borders has included parallel activities for children, such as swimming lessons by the award-winning instructor Roberto Calich, the telling of Myths of Aesop and folk tales by the charismatic narrator Dimitris Avouris, the performances Karagiozis by the Xanthi Theater and the Shadow Theater for Homer's Odyssey by the playwright Susanna Kardoulia. From 26/8 to 31/8 the children of Kastellorizo ​​will have the opportunity to learn exactly how an explosion occurs, how to make soap themselves and how to recycle paper through a program of the Eugenides Foundation. They will observe the starry night sky and learn to recognize the planetary and stellar bodies of our galaxy, with the help of experts from the National Observatory. Also, in collaboration with the National Historical Museum, they will learn more about the history of Kastellorizo, but also how to make a fairy tale illustration.

Finally, "Beyond the Borders" includes in its program the special screenings "Hidden Landscapes of Naxos" by Vasia Hatzigiannaki, "The East Dressed" directed by Alexandros Papailiou (production: Hellenic Foundation for Historical Studies)

Hellenic Foundation for Historical Studies (IDISME) & Ecrans des Mondes (Paris)
South Aegean Region, Greatest Revival Association, Sydney
Under the auspices of the G.G. Hellenes Abroad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the Municipality of Megisti

Beyond Borders
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Beyond Borders is organized by the Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME).

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