Establishment of a special award "Odysseus"

Establishment of a special award "Odysseus"

Special award "Odysseus"

The start of its collaboration with the International Documentary Festival Kastellorizo ​​"Beyond Borders" 2020, the great celebration of cinema and culture, which takes place in the remote Kastellorizo ​​for the fifth consecutive year, from 23 to 30 August 2020, announced the general Secretariat of Hellenes Abroad. In particular, in the rich competition program, the various cultural events and activities, the special screenings, the concerts and the informative discussions, it is announced that the Festival will include the initiative of the general secretariat of Hellenes Abroad, which establishes the special award "Odysseus" . The award, according to an announcement by the General Secretariat of Hellenes Abroad, will be awarded to the best historical documentary of an expatriate author, in an effort to highlight the work of expatriate creators, who work and excel abroad.
"The timeless value of such a successful cultural action, such as the Kastellorizo ​​International Documentary Festival, makes Greece a protagonist on an artistic, scientific and social level," said Undersecretary of State Costas Vlasis, welcoming the and the establishment of the new Special Award "O Odysseus" by the General Secretariat of Hellenes Abroad, which will certainly further enhance the creativity of our expatriates, as he noted. He also wished good luck in this year's event and a good trip to "Odysseus".
For his part, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Manos Konsolas, stressed that "in Kastellorizo, this great jewel of our Dodecanese, deserves to welcome and host such a successful International Festival." He further noted that "this important action and hospitality reflects the innumerable possibilities of our country to progress and open roads through its cultural wealth of yesterday and today". Addressing the organizers and the general secretariat of Hellenes Abroad, the Deputy Minister of Tourism congratulates them for their support and the establishment of the Special Award "Odysseus".
The General Secretariat of Hellenes Abroad pointed out in its announcement that it actively supports the collaborations and dialogue, which aim at spreading the historical memory and the Greek culture to the ends of the world, supports and gives auspices to the Kastelorizo ​​International Documentary Festival, in the promotion of our historical, cultural and national identity and heritage.

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