Media of Honor

Media of Honor


The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT S.A.) was the Honored Media partner of the 3rd International Documentary Festival “Beyond the Borders” 2018. The well known journalist Panagiotis Tsolias participated as a representative of ERT to the International Panel of the Festival which was held in Castellorizo on 29/8 under the title “From news reporting to historical research”.

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT S.A.) is the state-owned public broadcaster of Greece. ERT provides television, radio and internet services at national, local and international levels, free of charge. As a public company, its mission is to provide services that contribute towards informing, educating, and entertaining Greeks all over the world. ERT aims at the development of public broadcasting by producing quality and prestigious programs, which promote unbiased and complete information, freedom of speech and entertainment, while safeguarding the Greek history and language and developing the Greek and international culture. The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT S.A.) provides a wide range of programs and services appealing to all kind of audiences including different age groups and minorities.

ERT operates four digital television channels with national coverage, one satellite channel, five radio stations with national coverage, one world range radio station and 21 regional radio stations situated in main cities of Greece. ERT also operates a website, a printed/online magazine, a web TV site and a hybrid platform offering high quality content, through which all its national television and radio stations are available 24 hours a day as a web stream.

The web site of ERT’s precious audiovisual archive includes old and new TV shows, photographs, radio-based documentaries and scores. Finally, the National Symphony Orchestra (founded in 1938), the Modern Music Orchestra and the Choir are ERT’s Music Ensembles

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Beyond Borders is organized by the Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME).

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