Second Day of 5th «Beyond Borders» International Documentary Festival

Second Day of 5th «Beyond Borders» International Documentary Festival

On the second day of the 5th «Beyond Borders» International Documentary Festival of Castellorizo, the competition part of the event started with the screening of four films. Initially, the documentary «Then comes the evening» by Serbian director Maja Novakovic was screened in a nationwide premiere followed by the documentary by Greek director Dimitris Athanitis «The Labyrinth». Then, also in a nationwide premiere, the documentary «Once more into the breach» by Italian directors Federico Ferrone and Michele Manzolini was screened. At the end of the evening, the documentary «Mother tongue» by Israeli director Shai Alexandroni was screened.

The documentary «Wings of the Great War» by Greek director Dimitris Chatzimallis was screened as part of the Panorama. The screening of the documentary «Half Truth» by the director, Amy Adrion, under the auspices of the US Embassy in Athens, in the presence of the authorized David Burger and his staff, made a special sensation.

At the same time, a special screening of the play for our little friends «Karagiozis and the Haunted Tree»was held in Agios Georgios Square of Pigadio by the Shadow Theater of the excellent Alexandros Melissinos.

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