“The East Has Set” May 2 at the War Museum

“The East Has Set” May 2 at the War Museum

The Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME)

in its effort to record and preserve Modern Greek History,

has published, with the support of the Cultural Foundation of JUADN, the book

The Asia Minor Campaign
by Kostas Missaelidis
His correspondences from the Front (1919-1922)

The edition along with the history documentary

“The East Has Set”

based on the correspondences by Missaelidis,

will be presented on the anniversary of 100 years from the arrival

of the Hellenic Army in Smyrne,

on Thursday, May 2 2019 at 18:30

at the War Museum of Athens – Ioannis Kapodistrias Amphitheatre.

The event will be moderated by journalist Zelia Stavrou-Mitsakou.

Entrance is free.

War Museum: Rizari str. 2, 10675, Athens

“The East Has Set”

Watch the trailer here

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