Beyond Borders – Day 7 (1/9/2018)

On Saturday, September 1st, the competition part of the Festival ended with the screening of three films “New Era” by Pegi Zouti, “Solon, Taksimi in the Time”, by Yannis Adrimis, and “Cambodian Textiles” by Tatsuhito Utagawa. Earlier in the evening, Roberto Calich talked about the free-diving lessons he gave the children of Castellorizo, as part of the Festivals programme. After the end of the screenings, the festival was moved to the courtyard of the Santrapia School, where Foteini Baxevani performed the play “The Lady of Ro”, directed by Katerina Berdeka and written by Giannis Skarangas.


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Beyond Borders is organized by the Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME).

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