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Filming Seminar

Filming Seminar for Children

26 August – 2 September

In the course of the 3rd International Documentary Festival “Beyond Borders” the director-cinematographer Stathis Galazoulas will give a Filming Seminar for the children of Castellorizo.

The Seminar will last six days and will consist of 2 days of theory lessons on filming techniques and the use of smart phones as a means of expression, and 4 days of practical exercises for the purpose of creating a 5 minute video footage under the title “A day in the Festival Beyond Borders”, to be shown in the Festival’s open space set for projections on Sunday, 2 September.

The Seminar’s basic idea is to provide the children with a creative-artistic education and the knowledge of a certain means of expression.

Stathis Galazoulas has a degree in Artistic Photography and Film-Video Direction. Two documentaries of his, under the respective titles “The other man” (2014) and “Nyala, a forgotten History page” (2013), have been broadcasted by ERT. He lives in Athens, where he works as a cameraman, photography director and film director.








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