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From wheat to bread…

3rd Archagelos Nursery school in Rhodes | Greece

The 3rd kindergarten of Archangelos (in Rhodes) will participate in the Kastelorizo International Documentary Festival “Beyond Borders”, organized by the Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME), with the film “From wheat to bread… Traditional cultivation, milling, kneading and baking in Archangelos (Rhodes) of old times”.

This film (featuring the little children of the kindergarten) has received the first prize in the 7th International Student Contest for short films, in the category “Documentation”.

It demonstrates aspects of tradition promoting the particularity of our cultural inheritance and the significance of its preservation. Knowledge of our tradition leads to knowledge of our origins, informing us of our roots and contributing to our self awareness. Through tradition we discover the past and define the present. As a result, this process demonstrates beyond doubt their unbreakable unity. Tradition as memory teaches us by encouraging; instigating or dissuading; enhancing a feeling of collectiveness; constituting a source of artistic inspiration; and promoting moral values.






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