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The Lady of Ro

The Lady of Ro ”returns” to Castellorizo

 After 108 years, a professional theatrical performance will be hosted at Castellorizo ​​in the framework of the 3rd International Documentary Festival “Beyond Borders”. On September 1, 2018, the islanders, as well as the summer visitors of the island, will have the opportunity to enjoy an outstanding theatrical performance.

“Beyond Borders” includes in this year’s cultural activities, the Lady of Ro, the new theatrical monologue of  Yannis Skaragas, directed by Katerina Berdeka and the role of Lady of Ro performed by Fotini Baxevanis.

A stirring, lyrical story about things that touch and test our human core, The Lady of Ro captures the essence of life that, in its very unfolding, seems to be slipping away before our grasp. It is about what happens to the dreams we hold close during war time, the ties that bind daughters and mothers, husbands and wives, folk legends and madwomen to one another and to the places they call home. And how every story—of love or mourning—is about fighting our way through history and back into what makes us human. The Lady of Ro invites us into the ascetic world of a woman who lives alone on a small island questioning the values she once held true. Through heartbreak, grief and courage, she becomes one of her country’s best-loved icons. The story is inspired by the life of Despina Achladioti, the Greek widow known as the Lady of Ro, after the deserted island where she took refuge during the two world wars.  Despina watched from her island as Castellorizo was invaded by Italians, bombed by Germans and all the island’s residents were evacuated from their homes by British forces to then Palestine and Egypt. The Lady of Ro will break and mend your heart.


The Lady of Ro

by Gianni Skaragas

Director: Katerina Berdeka

Starring: Fotini Baxevani

Assistant Director: Marianthi Bayraktari

Set/Costume Designer: Yorgos Gavalas

Cello: Giorgos Tamiolakis

Production manager: Panos Svolakis




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Beyond Borders is organized by the Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME).

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