Masterclass: How to work with Canada and Canadian Filmmakers.

Canada is a very potent and active operator in the arena of international coproductions. Its proximity to the major US market is a very singular characteristic that can bring as many opportunities as it can generate many problems when making documentaries. Being a bilingual country also adds another criterion that makes working or coproducing with Canada specific. And finally, the strong provincialization of this huge territory creates additional opportunities that Canadian filmmakers might benefit from. So how easy, how difficult is it to work with Canada? Greece along with other European countries have coproduction treaties with Canada, are they active, are they used, what advantages do they bring to Greek and other European filmmakers? These and many other questions can be addressed by the Canadian filmmakers present at the festival in this unique Masterpanel.

Instructors: Michel Noll, Danae Elon, Jordan Paterson & Nancy Guerin

Event’s date: August 25 2023

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