Audio-Visual Pitching Lab

It is our pleasure to continue for the fourth consecutive year and to expand the Visio-Pitching Lab, within the framework of the Festival’s initiatives concerning the professionals of the cinematographic community.

The Head Moderator of the Lab is again this year Claudia Schreiner, who is internationally renowned with vast experience in the film industry. She is head of the Masterschool at the Documentary Campus based in Berlin and Munich. She has studied History in Cologne, Germany and New York. She holds an MA from Columbia University and a PhD from the University of Cologne.

The jury for the selection of the projects-candidates was made up of students from the Festival’s cooperating network of film schools: Hillel Rate, Tania Foustana, Tasos Stamnas and Eva Gemmer.

Each Pitch lasts for 15 minutes, 7 minutes for presenting the idea, 7 minutes for questions and discussion and 1 minute for the announcement of Jury’s evaluation. The days of the Lab are Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of August 2023. The aim is to offer young European filmmakers the opportunity to present their basic idea to a group of experienced decision-makers in the European documentary scene.

Beyond Borders’ Pitching Lab | Kastellorizo International Documentary Festival is the only domestic remote audio-visual Lab, thus enabling every interested party to overcome any transport and cost barrier, thus making access to knowledge and learning a path beyond borders and limitations. Those who get the chance to pitch their idea will receive professional feedback on how to turn an idea into a perfect project. They will be given the opportunity to put their idea into a ‘pitch pack’ which can be presented to anyone and everyone in the documentary community, including broadcasters. The Pitching Lab will be a great help in seeking partnerships, grants, as well as funds for development and/or production.

This Years Participants

Let girls play by Julia Kushnarenko
Observational, Creative
I want to make a documentary about indigenous women from the North Caucasus who want to get the right to freedom of choice through sports

From nowhere by Lanya Nooralddin Abdalla
I want to make a documentary about those children who were born in Kurdistan-Iraq but their families are from Syria. As refugees they don’t have any ID and they don’t know where are they from.

Pulling Through by Chloe Khoury
Educational, Creative
I want to make a documentary to raise awareness on trichotillomania (hair pulling syndrome), an under diagnosed mental health disorder I have been suffering from for 18 years.

Dog Star by Elli Xypolitaki
Observational, Creative
I want to make a documentary about a family running a local radio station for the past 30 years in the prefecture of Viotia, Greece.

57 by Nikolaos Kihem Kotsampougioukis
February 28, 2023. Area of Tempie. A train crashes. 57 people die and with them, the entire country dies. Whatever is left in the wreckage, it becomes the source for my own introspection and my own inner loss.

Should we see your marriage? by Begüm Aksoy
Investigative, Creative, Educational
I want to make a documentary about two young people, a Turkish and a Palestinian, who set out with the aim of getting married. They are experiencing difficulties due to the invisibility of Palestine as a state. Throughout the lab I intend to examine this issue of invisibility.

For Whom We Build the City? by Maya Rihawi
Observational, Investigative
Investigating an unfair Urban building law that threatens the residents of a neighbourhood in Damascus city with displacement and plans to change the demography and the agriculture of the area.

Little Armenia by Robert Minassian
Investigative, Creative
I want to make a documentary about my grandmother’s lost family searching.

UNIQ_Stoudios Monastery by Erdil Onur Kocatürk
Observational, Creative
A close approach to the struggle of existence of Monastery of Studios, a 1500-year-old common culture heritage which is the oldest ecclesiastical Byzantine architecture still standing in central Istanbul.

Searching for Al-Yarmouk by Daniel Mansaray
After fleeing ‘Al Yarmouk refugee camp’ in Syria during the war, three Palestinian women search for both a sense of belonging and what it means to be a Palestinian refugee, in the hope of rediscovering the feeling of being back in ‘Al Yarmouk’, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.

Black Panther Among the Serbs by Đorđije Petrović
I want to make a documentary about a black panther, that allegedly showed up in the Vojvodina, Serbia, and through this case, I want to explore media sensationalism and the unreliability of informing in Serbia today.

Are They Still Fighting? by Cotovanu Dana Gabriela
Observational, Investigative
I want to make a documentary about violence in Romanian villages, promoted and mirrored by a traditional winter event at the end of the year – The Battle of Ruginoasa (the name of the place).

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