In the exile


Documentary, DVD, with English subtitles


After the enforcement of the law known as the “barlik,” the life of Konstantinos Kiourktsoglou is completely overturned. His business and home are seized by the Turkish state. Unable to pay the tax of 200,000 pounds, in January 1943, he finds himself on the road to exile, along with other Greeks, Armenians, and Jews. Dragged into the depths of the East, where he serves with minimal pay, he desperately tries to repay the unbearable tax. However, the property law deprives them of any right to legal recourse.


This desperate struggle for survival is captured in the documentary “In Exile,” highlighting the untold difficulties and the struggle against injustice and oppression.


DIRECTOR: Kalliope Legaki

MUSIC: Eleni Karaindrou

EDITING: Eirene Sarioglou

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