Unforgettable Homeland, Asia Minor


Documentary, USB, with English and French subtitles


The documentary “Homeland Unforgettable Asia Minor” is a captivating cinematic journey: it narrates the story of Vasiliki Ralli from her exile from Moschonisia in Asia Minor to the search for her identity in her new homeland, while simultaneously, moving from the personal to the collective, it recounts the fate of tens of thousands of Greeks of the contemporary East who were forced to abandon their homelands and seek a better fate in new and unknown lands in the early 20th century.

Through alternating shots embracing beauty and tragedy and through the presentation of rare and original archival material, the riveting narration of Vasiliki Ralli unravels the thread of her family history, while also providing a psychographic, penetrating look into interwar and post-war Greece.

Starting from Moschonisia in Asia Minor and reaching the New York of the United States, this documentary highlights a story of human resilience, rebirth, and faith in roots, emphasizing the importance of continuing tradition and identity in every generation of Hellenism.


DIRECTOR: Irini Sarioglou

MUSIC: Giorgos Papachristoudis

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