EKOME – Cine Inclusion in class

For secondary school children

Megisti Town Hall (Port)

Dimitris Papacharalambous and Matoula Papadimitriou will offer an experiential workshop on inclusive film literacy. It is based on a short documentary about a deaf girl at school in a village in Chania. The workshop includes activities, such as an experiential viewing of the film using accessibility tools (subtitles and audio description), warm-up, activation and concentration games, activities to animate and prepare to watch the film, activities to understand film literacy, reflection, awareness activities, expressing opinions and feelings, empathy activities, activities for watching the film with subtitles or audio description and assessment, reflection and review games.

The activities utilize child-centred learning, experiential approach and Frenet pedagogical principles and techniques and aim to pave the way for children to come into contact with film art in an inclusive way, to question, investigate, discover, share, to play and create.

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